Master Plan

Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport & Technology Center has created a Master Plan that provides a 20-year program for developing and maintaining a safe, economical and environmentally acceptable aviation facility for Hernando County. This Master Plan document provides detailed justifications, methodologies and reasoning for how our airport will evolve and remain a driving economic force and multi-modal-transportation hub in Tampa Bay and Central Florida.

Our staff welcomes questions and comments about the Master Plan.

BKV MPU - 1.0 Introduction

BKV MPU - 2.0 Inventory

BKV MPU - 3.0 Forecast

BKV MPU - 4.0 Facility Requirements

BKV MPU - 5.0 Alternatives

BKV MPU - 6.0 Preferred Alternative

BKV MPU - 7.0 Implementation Plan

BKV MPU - 8.0 Airport Layout Plan

BKV MPU - Table of Contents