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Good to Know – Runway and Taxiway Construction Obstruction

Our BKV Runway 9/27 welcome mat is newly smooth with fresh, grooved asphalt and high visibility markings. We hope you’re enjoying it!

While that project and its primary contractor, Ajax, proved efficient and virtually problem-free, decoupling work on Runway 3/21 has been a bit more complicated.

Why? The answer involves terms like “default”, “bonds” and “surety” stemming from the 2021 demise of contractor, D.A.B. Constructors. Inglis-based D.A.B. filed for bankruptcy after protracted multi-million-dollar road construction disputes with the Florida Department of Transportation.

D.A.B. was awarded the contract to rehabilitate BKV’s Taxiway A in 2019, the lowest of three bidders at $5.75 million. As part of the planned 1000-foot extension to Runway 9/27, D.A.B. was also contracted to complete the decoupling of Runways 9/27 and 3/21. The sudden business closure disrupted those plans.

As dozens of massive construction projects screeched to a halt, insurance and other officials reassigned the work to fulfill D.A.B. contracts. BKV’s delayed decoupling project is now well underway  with estimated completion sometime this fall.

We appreciate your patience while Runway 3/21 and its new Taxiways are reconfigured.

Now you know!

Good to Know – New NOTAM alert

We have a new FAA NOTAM management system. This system has the capability of sending out emails of new and cancelled NOTAMS instantly once issued or cancelled. You should have received an email from the FAA with the subject line “Opt-in for NOTAM Notification through Email”. Just click on the link you will receive from the FAA if you would like to join.

If you have not received this email from the FAA, please advise Christine. Also, if you have flight crews, flight instructors, or others who would like to subscribe to this service, please send Christine their name and email.

Now you know!