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Airport Improvement Round-Up

BKV is a powerful economic engine. To maximize its value for aircraft and business operations, it is in a continual state of improvement. Keep up with this current project round-up.

Designed. Constructed. Completed. Planned. Improved.

Master planned and benefit driven, BKV capital improvements advance long-term, sustainable value.



Year Planned or CompleteProject NameProject Summary
2022Center for SuccessVocational and Career training campus, a collaboration among HCSD, PHSC and Hernando County Gov't
2022Telcom and Technology Drive ExtensionTwo new roadways extended for access to west side runway-access land for development.
2022Runway 9-27 Rehabilitation and ResurfacingRunway
9-27 Rehabilitation Project will transform the 7,000ft x 150ft primary runway from concrete to asphalt. Upon completion, BKV’s primary runway will be positioned for a 1,000ft extension.
Originally constructed in 1942, runway 9-27 is eight inches of concrete over sand and silt soils. Project scope includes concrete mill and pavement overlay, safety area improvements, taxiway concrete-to-asphalt conversion, windsock relocation, wildlife mitigation and associated navigation aids relocation.
2022Runway 3-21 DecouplingRunway 3-21 threshold to be displaced by 815 ft to prepare for primary runway 9-27 1000 ft extension.
2022East Side Corporate Hangar Development, Phase 1Land clearing and roadway extension followed by construction of Hangar 1 of 3
2021Stormwater Master PlanAs part of infrastructure development, stormwater improvements were made on the airport’s west side to prepare the land for development.
2021 Infrastructure Development Plan
2020Taxiway A Rehabilitation and PavingThe 8,704 foot long, 75 foot wide, full length taxiway parallel to primary runway 9-27 was rehabilitated and changed from concrete to asphalt.
2020Helicopter Drive ImprovementsHelicopter Drive, which continues east from the Army Air National Guard facility was finished and paved.
2019Stormwater Improvements to CAP, Phase IIPart of infrastructure development, stormwater improvements were completed to prepare the land for development.
2019Airplane Self-Fueling FacilityTo provide pilots a fueling alternative to the FBO's full service, BKV built a self-serve facility and parking area near runway 3-21 and the T-hangars.
2018Runway 9-MALSR ReplacementIn addition to the ILS replacement in 2016, the Medium Approach Lighting System with Runway alignment indicator was replaced.
2018 ARFF TruckIn addition to an on-site fire station, BKV is now home to a new Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) truck
2018Taxiway B RehabilitationConcrete runways and taxiways were built, and have been in operation, since 1947.
2017Airfield Lighting and Electrical ImprovementsPilots benefit from the design and construction of a variety of airfield lighting and electrical improvements completed in 2017.
2016Airport Master Plan UpdateUpdated every 5-10 years, an Airport Master Plan Update is a blueprint for long-term airport development. It includes anticipated land use, financial plan, drawings and schedule, among other things.
2016FBO Ramp Rehabilitation American Aviation, BKV's full-service Fixed Base Operator, has been in business since 1978. The apron area was improved and strengthened.
2016Radial Road RealignmentRadial Road was aligned to better accommodate access to business locations on the southwest side of the airport.
2016Sam Pearson Roadway RealignmentThis is the main entrance to BKV. It was straightened and centered. The mailbox kiosk was updated and the project included extensive streetscaping and native plantings..
2016Airport Monument SignA new sign to mark the park main entrance and reflect the name change and logo rebranded in 2015.
2016T-Hangar Design & ConstructionTo meet demand, four larger aircraft hangar buildings were built, bringing total available to 76.
2016Airfield SignageFor improved navigation and ground-based wayfinding, bright directional signage was upgraded and replaced. Taxiway surface markings were changed to hi-visibility labeling.
20169-27 ILS ReplacementThe primary runway Glide Slope and Localizer was replaced.
2015Airport RebrandingTo better illustrate identity, location and product, Hernando County Airport was renamed with a new logo highlighting the official BKV airport locator. Also reflective of changing conditions, the 2400 acre site name includes Technology Center.

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