Parcel 1a

BKV Parcel 1a

Parcel 1a

282. 4 ACRES

Airport mid-field land for development. Bordered by runways and taxiways, this property is clear and level.


Central between BKV’s three original runways, the 282.4 mostly flat acres hold potential for businesses that require large hangar facilities and room for aircraft movement, parking and storage. The top border is south of Runway 9/27, BKV’s primary ILS runway. Rehabilitated and freshly paved 1Q22, it is 7,001 ft x 150 ft. This runway is slated for a 1,000 ft extension to the east. To the right is Runway 3/21 at 4,199 x 150 ft. To the left is an inactive runway; its 5,000 x 150 ft concrete expanse is suited for future aircraft movement and apron areas.

Acreage bordering this parcel on the northwest is leased for planned development of 320,000 sf as an air cargo and MRO facility, operating aircraft such as Boeing B757-200PF and Airbus A320-200. A turbine engine MRO center is constructing a 65,000 sf hangar and apron area to the west with an additional future hangar across the runway.


  • Flat topography
  • Sized to suit
  • Build to suit
  • Runway access
  • Master Planned
  • Utilities available
1a BKV Mid-Field from ALP

1a BKV Mid-Field from Airport Layout Plan

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