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Advanced Air Mobility Location Opportunity

Electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft, (eVTOLs). Flying Taxis. Drones. All are – or soon will be – part of daily life. From cargo to convenient transportation, an array of ingenuity is underway.

Advanced Air Mobility – or AAM – is the future. Think flying vehicles of many shapes and sizes powered by electricity or hybrid fuels. A host of innovation propels the industry forward and BKV is the ideal place to launch and grow.

Land. Build. Expand.

With Airport and Technology Center land available to develop amid an industry ecosystem, this 2400-acre west central Florida general aviation airport is prime for AAM. Here, AAM companies can manufacture, launch, base or operate, poised for the future. The AAM industry has targeted Florida as one of the most enticing places in the world for its emerging technology; BKV is optimized for flexible development, from two acres to two hundred.

Central Florida Location

BKV is just north of Tampa and due west of Orlando with immediate access to major highway systems like I-75, the Suncoast Parkway and SR50. For AAM companies and their customers, this central Florida location is uncrowded and convenient. Whether for headquarters, manufacturing, maintenance, parking/charging or operations, BKV is geared up to be an AAM hub.

The state of Florida already plays a significant role in building AAM momentum and future readiness. With its strategic location and favorable weather conditions, it has become a centerpiece for the development of AAM technologies.

Advanced Air Mobility is the future and BKV, as well as Florida, are at the forefront of this revolution. With its prime location and abundant space, BKV welcomes AAM-related development inquiries. Contact Brooksville – Tampa Bay Regional Airport today and secure your front row position to the future of transportation.

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