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Eastside Development Roadway Improvements Project Overview

Due to business development on the airport’s east side, including additional vehicle and heavy truck traffic, roadway improvements are needed.

The project consists of constructing new roadways, as well as reconstructing and improving existing roadways. In particular, four roadways on the east side will receive substantial attention: Rescue Way, Railpark Drive, American Flyer Way, and Runway Drive. The project is also significant due to these roads serving as ingress and egress to the southeast hangars, corporate hangars, 84 Lumber, Barette Outdoor Living and Southwest Florida Water Management District Headquarters.

Forecast Project Timeline: Approximately 316 Calendar Days

Project Engineer: Avcon, Inc., an Engineering, Planning and Construction firm that has done work for BKV in the past

Project Funding: $2.9M funded 100% by an FDOT appropriation

Scope of Work and Project Phasing include:

    • Phase 1: Rescue Way
    • Phase 2: Railpark Drive
    • Phase 3: American Flyer Way
    • Phase 4: Runway Drive

BKV East Side Development Project Diagram

Updates and diagrams will be provided here when available.

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