Airport Project Archives

Airport Project Archives

Airport projects at BKV flow continually; some are in design; some are out for bid; some are complete. Here you will find information on various projects from 2015 through 2022.

Year Planned or CompleteProject NameProject Summary
2022Center for SuccessVocational and Career training campus, a collaboration among HCSD, PHSC and Hernando County Gov't
2022Telcom and Technology Drive ExtensionTwo new roadways extended for access to west side runway-access land for development.
2022Runway 9-27 Rehabilitation and ResurfacingRunway
9-27 Rehabilitation Project will transform the 7,000ft x 150ft primary runway from concrete to asphalt. Upon completion, BKV’s primary runway will be positioned for a 1,000ft extension.
Originally constructed in 1942, runway 9-27 is eight inches of concrete over sand and silt soils. Project scope includes concrete mill and pavement overlay, safety area improvements, taxiway concrete-to-asphalt conversion, windsock relocation, wildlife mitigation and associated navigation aids relocation.
2022Runway 3-21 DecouplingRunway 3-21 threshold to be displaced by 815 ft to prepare for primary runway 9-27 1000 ft extension.
2022East Side Corporate Hangar Development, Phase 1Land clearing and roadway extension followed by construction of Hangar 1 of 3
2021Stormwater Master PlanAs part of infrastructure development, stormwater improvements were made on the airport’s west side to prepare the land for development.
2021 Infrastructure Development Plan
2020Taxiway A Rehabilitation and PavingThe 8,704 foot long, 75 foot wide, full length taxiway parallel to primary runway 9-27 was rehabilitated and changed from concrete to asphalt.
2020Helicopter Drive ImprovementsHelicopter Drive, which continues east from the Army Air National Guard facility was finished and paved.
2019Stormwater Improvements to CAP, Phase IIPart of infrastructure development, stormwater improvements were completed to prepare the land for development.
2019Airplane Self-Fueling FacilityTo provide pilots a fueling alternative to the FBO's full service, BKV built a self-serve facility and parking area near runway 3-21 and the T-hangars.
2018Runway 9-MALSR ReplacementIn addition to the ILS replacement in 2016, the Medium Approach Lighting System with Runway alignment indicator was replaced.
2018 ARFF TruckIn addition to an on-site fire station, BKV is now home to a new Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) truck
2018Taxiway B RehabilitationConcrete runways and taxiways were built, and have been in operation, since 1947.
2017Airfield Lighting and Electrical ImprovementsPilots benefit from the design and construction of a variety of airfield lighting and electrical improvements completed in 2017.
2016Airport Master Plan UpdateUpdated every 5-10 years, an Airport Master Plan Update is a blueprint for long-term airport development. It includes anticipated land use, financial plan, drawings and schedule, among other things.
2016FBO Ramp Rehabilitation American Aviation, BKV's full-service Fixed Base Operator, has been in business since 1978. The apron area was improved and strengthened.
2016Radial Road RealignmentRadial Road was aligned to better accommodate access to business locations on the southwest side of the airport.
2016Sam Pearson Roadway RealignmentThis is the main entrance to BKV. It was straightened and centered. The mailbox kiosk was updated and the project included extensive streetscaping and native plantings..
2016Airport Monument SignA new sign to mark the park main entrance and reflect the name change and logo rebranded in 2015.
2016T-Hangar Design & ConstructionTo meet demand, four larger aircraft hangar buildings were built, bringing total available to 76.
2016Airfield SignageFor improved navigation and ground-based wayfinding, bright directional signage was upgraded and replaced. Taxiway surface markings were changed to hi-visibility labeling.
20169-27 ILS ReplacementThe primary runway Glide Slope and Localizer was replaced.
2015Airport RebrandingTo better illustrate identity, location and product, Hernando County Airport was renamed with a new logo highlighting the official BKV airport locator. Also reflective of changing conditions, the 2400 acre site name includes Technology Center.




On Thursday, December 15, we will have one last round of closures for final pavement striping of Runway 3/21, Taxiway B1, and Taxiway C1. The phasing schedule will be as follows:

8am:      Runway 3/21 and Taxiway C1 closed

12pm:   Taxiway C1 open and Runway 3/21 open for taxiing only entering and exiting at B2. Taxiway B between B2 and B1 closed in addition to all of B1.

3pm:     All surfaces re-opened.

In the event of rain on Thursday as forecast, some or all of this work will be changed to Friday.

At the conclusion of the final striping, there will be no further closures and the project will be complete except for minor repairs and corrections.


The project is substantially complete. Runway 3/21 is re-opened and no further closures are anticipated. In mid-December, Taxiway connectors C1 and B1 will undergo final striping and will need to be closed briefly. Lastly, a new localizer will be installed in coming weeks. Once installed, it will not be usable under it undergoes and passes a FAA flight test.


On  Wednesday, October 12, B1 will be temporarily reopened. Twy A1 and Twy A between Twy A2 and Twy A1 will be closed so demolition of the old Twy B1 can be completed.  Once that is finished, both C1 and the new B1 will be repaved. Other remaining work includes the completion of sign and light installation, taxiway edge grading, striping and sodding.

The contractor has estimated another 30 days until completion.  Thank you for your continued patience as we invest in the airport infrastructure to improve your aviation experience.


Starting Monday, September 12, 2022 aircraft taxiing traffic will have a new traffic pattern to follow. Taxiway B1 will be closed for construction reasons. Taxiway C1 will be open for taxiing to Taxiway B or to Runway 27 or Taxiway A. Runway 3-21 will remain closed except for taxiing.

To get from the Southeast side of the airport to the west side, you will taxi via taxiway B to B2, Runway 3 to C1, to either Runway 27 or cross Runway 27 to Taxiway A and vice-versa if coming from the North side of the airport to the Southeast side.

The FBO can only be accessed via Taxiway A and Taxiway A1.

We apologize that this project is still ongoing, but we continue to experience contractor and material issues.

Thank you for your continued patience!


NEW Taxiway Bravo 1 will OPEN tomorrow, July 14. This will allow construction crews to remove old Bravo 1 and continue work on Runway 3/21, aiming for early project completion. Please continue to monitor NOTAMs.

Taxiway B1 Detail


Completion of the 3-21 runway has had delays.  Our expected opening of 3-21 runway is August 15, 2022.  The new taxiway B1 will open next week to let the contractor complete the removal of the old taxiway B1.


BKV Decoupling Project graphic

Runway 3/21 Decoupling Project

The current schedule for June 22-July 1 is as follows:

  1. Beginning tomorrow, June 22, at 7am, the full length of Taxiway B will reopen.
  2. Simultaneously, Runway 3/21 will be completely closed including taxiing operations. Demolition of 815’ of the Runway 3/21 will begin 815’ SE from the current Runway 21 threshold end. This work will start at 7am tomorrow.
  3. Aircraft crossings from one side of the airport to the other will be via B1, across Runway 21, B1 to Taxiway A.
  4. Due to safety area requirements at the end of Runway 9 with men and equipment in that area, declared distances for Runway 9 will be in effect: TODA, TORA, ASDA, LDA = 6,600 ft. This will be in effect starting at 7am tomorrow.
  5. We have completed and received a ground penetration radar report that indicates that there are voids as deep as 35 ft. towards the western end of Taxiway A on the centerline. This is why this end of Taxiway A and Taxiway A1 have been closed since April. As a remediation to this problem, we hope to begin tomorrow injecting grout to fill these voids. This project will take 3 days and then the full length of Taxiway A and A1 will reopen.

As the demolition gets close to the end of the Runway, demolition will temporarily cease so the new Taxiway C1 and new B1 can be completed with paving, edging, lighting, signage, and striping. Once those taxiways are completed, the remaining distance of Runway 3/21 will finish its demolition and crossing the airport will then take place via the new B1 and C1.

On an unrelated note, the ILS glideslope is out-of-service until at least Saturday.

As always, please check NOTAMS prior to flights for the most up-to-date closures.

Thanks as always for your patience and cooperation. We are finally getting close to the end of these projects!


Due to continued Decoupling Project work, Runway 3/21 is closed for take offs and landings through June 27th. Also closed is Taxiway Bravo from Bravo 1 to Bravo 2.
Pilots are to taxi onto 3/21 to Bravo 1.


The Runway 9/27 Project is nearly complete.

  • Grooving is finished (eight days early).
  • Striping begins May 19th.
  • Runway 9/27 will be CLOSED during the day – 7:00 am – 7:00 pm – Thursday, Friday and Monday, Tuesday, May 19, 20 and 23, 24. Normal operations on Saturday and Sunday, May 21 and 22.




Please check NOTAMs before operating.

Thank you for your patience while the next phase of Runway rehabilitation project is completed.

The Runway 9/27 Rehabilitation Project is complete except for grooving and the permanent marking application process.

Since the Runway 9/27 closure on February 28, contractors have worked efficiently at milling concrete, regrading and other associated tasks before installing the new, smooth asphalt overlay. Effective April 13, Runway 9/27 is available for use.


Effective April 14 to May 8, Runway 3/21 is closed. Progress has been made to prepare for the Runway Decoupling Project, including construction of new Taxiway B1 (from the apron to Taxiway B TOFA) and C1 (from Runway 9/27 to Runway 3/21), as well as pond regrading.

During the Runway 3/21 closure, Taxiway B1 and C1 will be completed.





BKV Runway Pavement Machine



Sounds of airplane take-offs and landings at Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport (BKV) have been replaced since February 28 by the distant drone of trucks and heavy machinery powering through a major runway transformation. With synchronized efficiency, two specialized concrete milling machines are followed by a procession of dump trucks, a water truck and a sweeper truck. Once full, each dump truck exits the line to unload elsewhere while a new one slips into its place. From end to end, from outside toward the center “crown,” the procession continuously works the 7000 x 150 span. In this manner, the top four inches of Runway 9/27 concrete were milled down and prepared for resurfacing. Before wrap-up, the mound of milled concrete was removed for repurposing.


Key to success are the powerful roto-mills and specialized concrete “basher” drums utilized by Swank Construction Company. Two of these distinctive machines featuring tank-like treads and an up-angled conveyor belt continuously roll west to east and east to west. Using industrial diamond drill bits with water in a central drum, the machines grind up and ingest concrete from the bottom and dispense it out the top. While roadway milling in preparation for resurfacing and paving is common, it often involves asphalt or other surface type; the ability to reliably mill concrete runways is more specialized.


Thanks to favorable weather and other efficiencies, Runway 9/27 concrete milling is complete ahead of schedule. Other major progress since the February 28 project inception includes Taxiway C9 reopening after milling and pavement overlay, Runway Safety Area regrading, glideslope road construction and Runway 9 windsock relocation.

While the Runway 9/27 Rehabilitation occurs, work on the Decoupling from Runway 3/21 Project is on track. Earth moving equipment has begun to construct new Taxiway B1 and Taxiway C1, as well as regrading of the retention pond. Concrete pipes are currently being positioned for installation.

An important part of any Florida development includes relocation of Gopher Tortoises, a protected species. At BKV, the tortoises were moved to a 9.5-acre parcel on the airport eastern perimeter. The land is marked by temporary fencing for six months to allow the animals to become established.

Runway 9/27 is closed and will reopen April 14 after the resurfacing and asphalt paving work is complete. During the Runway 9/27 closure, Runway 3/21 remains open.

Please check for progress updates and runway closure information.